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Received We, Robots

Sup guys. I got the book some days ago and I've been so preoccupied I forgot to make a post. The pictures and letters are pretty neat and stuff and I'm about to start. Whoo.

We, Robots!

I finished We, Robots yesterday, and I really enjoyed it!  I'm just waiting for the address of strippedsmile  to send it out (and I have to get to the store to print my pics).  :D

Book Received

I received the book from darlaslilgirl last Saturday! Just forgot to make a post about it. Loved the letters & pictures. I'm forty pages into the book and hope I'll finish it over the weekend (it will go on a little extra tour to Germany's largest lake, where I'll hopefully have enough time to read!).

Book sent

I managed to get the post office today after yesterdays snow attack so Tritcheon hash is now on its way to arylla  in germany!

also this may be tip for others, if they ask about letters in the package deny there is any as they charged me extra for each letter.



I've put some of these photos in with the book but I took quite a few more and rather than waste them, I thought I'd put all of them here, so that everyone gets a chance to see them. And this way I can include some more detailed information about some of the places around Bath.

When googling to check I was right about certain things I ended up finding new and interesting facts that I've also included here. So some of this is my knowledge and opinions and some is actual research.

These aren't in any particular order.

PhotosCollapse )

Book Recieved

I recivied the book (Tritcheon Hash)  today from lucy_k_p  and i cant wait to get reading it over the next couple of days :D. I've read your letter/review and i cant wait to see if i agree with you or not. There are some beautiful  places in your photographs as well. I plan to photograph the book out and about  where i live as well, hopefully this will help document its travels as well.

Book Dispached

This afternoon I put Tritcheon Hash in the post, along with a letter to future readers saying a bit about me and what I did and didn't like about the book (without spoilers), 8 photographs and a postcard of Bath. darlaslilgirl, you should receive it within the next few days.

I'm going to LJ post the photos I sent, along with the ones there wasn't space for on this community really soon, along with more detailed descriptions.

I've also partly written a very spoilery and detailed review of Tritcheon Hash. I'll finish that soon and post it here under an LJ-cut. Once others have read the book they can start discussing it with me.

I'll say now I did enjoy reading the book, it was well written, interesting and entertaining. There were bits I didn't like, but overall it was a good read. I hope everyone else has fun reading it too.

We, Robots

Hello, finished the book yesterday.
Should have the book in the mail soon, just need to get the pictures printed and what-not.
Okay so Lucy has received the book, Tricheon Hash, as stated in her entry previous to this one.
We will Start reading this week and in 14 days time or less the book will be mailed off to the next reader.

Email me at booksandpostage@gmail.com when you need the sending address of the next reader.

Book Received

Just to let everyone know I've received Tritcheon Hash and I'll be reading and reviewing over the next few days.


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